Dial Instant FAQs

Calling Abroad Instant is a cheap and easy way to make international calls from any phone instantly. All you need to do is dial the access number for the country you want to call then and at the prompt dial your destination number, simple. Please click here for instructions on how to make a call and rates for destinations.
When you use Dial Instant you will only be charged for calling one of Calling Abroad's access numbers. For example, when calling USA using our service from a BT phone; the access number for calling USA will be charged at our service charge (1p per minute) plus the BT access charge (currently 10.24p/min). You will see the call listed on your next BT bill. If your service provider is not BT (i.e. Virgin/Sky/Talk-Talk), then you will need to check with your service provider how much they charge for calls to the Dial Instant access number you are using.
Yes. However you should be aware that your mobile operator may apply a surcharge. The amount you will be charged depends on your provider and which tariff you’re on. Unfortunately, whilst we have no influence on how much they charge, some mobile operators allow you to call our access numbers for free with your cross network inclusive minutes. Before you use Dial Instant from your mobile, we would advise you to get in touch with your service provider to check the rates.
No! Dial Instant is immediately accessible from all land lines and mobiles without any subscription or registration fees. You can make cheap international long distance calls at any time.
We offer competitive rates to most countries around the Globe, for call rates see our Rates List.
Yes. However, please be aware that calls to 08 and 09 numbers may be charged at a higher rate from payphones.
The rates mentioned for the access numbers are with respect to BT. The charges for customers from Sky/Virgin/Talk Talk or any other service provider might vary a little and we always recommend checking this with your provider in advance.
Having difficulties connecting to a destination or unsure how a service works? Contact Customer Services who will be able to assist. Please use the Contact form on this website to contact us. Ensure you add as much detail as possible. Or call our Customer support: 033 3321 8705 or email care@just-dial.com.
  1. Dial the Access Number
  2. Enter your Country Number, starting with 00
  3. Its that simple. You will be connected instantly.
Anyone with a UK landline can use the service. The service can also be used from UK mobiles, however please be aware that calls from mobiles may cost more than the rate avertised on this website.

Calling Abroad Mobile Topup service FAQs

Calling Abroad top ups allows you to make very cheap international calls from your mobile with no need to set up an account. The service operates on a pre-pay basis and calls are made using the available credit. Your mobile operator charges you the cost of the top up plus your standard message charge. We receive your payment, add the credit to your balance and text you back to confirm.
Top up by text message from any valid UK mobile number. The cost of the top up is charged to your phone bill or pay-as-you-go credit. Please Note: Virgin Mobile cannot be used at the moment for topup.
Generally a confirmation message is sent instantaneously, however very occasionally for example at peak times the mobile networks maybe congested which means that the confirmation message maybe delayed. Do not resend the message as you will be charged twice.
There is no administration or subscription fees, a connection charge equal to twice the pence per minute rate (up to a maximum of 30 pence) for the relevant country is also charged per call.
If you don't use our service to make a call or send a top up request within 90 days any unused Calling Credit will expire!
Once you have dialed the access number, you will have your balance announced.

For convenience, you can save our access number in your contacts for seamless dialling. You can either save the number into the phone book on your phone in the regular way, or you can edit the numbers in your phone book to include the access number as well.

How to save a speed dial:

Step 1: Select the contact to edit

In front of their number, enter our access number eg. 0207 124 6666

Step 2: Add a pause


Tap the + * # key at the lower left of the screen and the keyboard layout will change to show a 'pause' button. Tap the Pause key


Tap the menu key then the 'add 2-sec pause' button, or just press the ',' button on your keyboard


Press * 3 times to show ' p '


Press and hold 0 to show ' + '

Motorola/Sony Ericsson

Press and hold * to show ' p '

Our access number is a UK landline number, so if you have free calls to landlines, this should be a free call, otherwise the call must be charged as a standard UK landline call. For more info visit http://ask.ofcom.org.uk/help/telephone/02number.
Yes, you cannot top-up with more than £20 in one day. Customers are limited to two top ups per day.

  1. Dial the Access Number
  2. Enter your Country Number, starting with 00
  3. Its that simple. You will be connected instantly.

When you make a call your telecom provider charges you the advertised call rate, not us. In addition, there is also a 'connection fee' charged by your provider, whether you call a landline or mobile number from one of our cheap access numbers. All prices that appear are inclusive of VAT.

Calling Abroad offers the lowest rate possible to Landlines in the UK, only half a pence per minute! No subscription or signup is needed, you can start saving on your calls to landlines now! Find out more

Calling Abroad also offers the lowest rate possible to mobiles in the UK, only 1 pence per minute! No subscription or signup is needed! To start saving on your calls with Calling Abroad simply dial our cheap access number in front of every call. When connected, enter the mobile number you wish to call, starting with 07 and press the hash-sign (#). Simple! Find out more

Unlimited International Calls

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