Cheap International Calls from UK Mobiles

Select your country letter below:

Call Destinations Call Rates/min
San Marino 2p per min
Saudi Arabia 9.5p per min
Saudi Arabia Mobile 14p per min
Senegal 21.5p per min
Senegal Mobile 40p per min
Senegal Mobile Orange 32.5p per min
Serbia 11.5p per min
Serbia Kosovo 11p per min
Serbia Mobile 38p per min
Seychelles 44p per min
Seychelles Mobile 31.5p per min
Sierra Leone 47p per min
Sierra Leone Mobile 46p per min
Singapore 1p per min
Singapore Mobile 1p per min
Slovakia 2p per min
Slovakia Mobile 10.5p per min
Slovenia 1p per min
Slovenia Mobile 6.5p per min
Slovenia Mobile Other Mobile 7.5p per min
Slovenia Other 2p per min
Somalia 45.5p per min
Somalia Mobile 45.5p per min
South Africa 3p per min
South Africa Mobile 12p per min
South Africa Mobile MTN 12p per min
South Africa Mobile Vodacom 12p per min
South Korea 1.5p per min
South Korea Mobile 4p per min
South Sudan 32.5p per min
South Sudan Mobile 25p per min
Spain 1p per min
Spain Mobile 13.5p per min
Sri Lanka 10p per min
Sri Lanka Mobile 11p per min
St Lucia 7.5p per min
St Lucia Mobile 23p per min
Sudan 11p per min
Sudan Mobile 15.5p per min
Sudan Mobile Other Mobile 15.5p per min
Surinam 14.5p per min
Surinam Mobile 22.5p per min
Swaziland 5p per min
Swaziland Mobile 15p per min
Sweden 1p per min
Sweden Mobile 13p per min
Switzerland 1p per min
Switzerland Mobile 18.5p per min
Syria 11p per min
Syria Mobile 16.5p per min

You must have the bill payer's permission before using the service. The Text to 80550 costs £5 plus your standard mobile network rates for the request message and is charged by your service provider. A connection charge equal to twice the pence per minute rate (up to a maximum of 30 pence) for the relevant country is also charged per call. If you don't use our service to make a call or send a top up request within 90 days any unused Calling Credit will expire. For customer services please call 0333 321 8705 (Calls to 033 Numbers cost no more than calling a 01 or 02 numbers and are included from any "inclusive" minutes or call package you may have. This applies when calling from a landline or a mobile.) Service provided by New Call Telecom Ltd, registered in England and Wales under the number 7298834. Call charges include VAT and are charged per minute, rounded to the nearest penny. Individual call rates subject to change at any time.

Mobile Top ups

Step 1 -

Text CCD to 80550 for £5 call credit (Cost £5 + standard network charges)
Step 2 - Once you have topped-up you will receive a confirmation text message.

Step 3 - Dial access number 0207 124 6666 and enter your destination number starting with 00 and country code.

Step 4 - You will be connected instantly at our unbeatable rates!

When you make a call your telecom provider charges you the advertised call rate, not us. In addition, there is also a 'connection fee' charged by your provider, whether you call a landline or mobile number from one of our cheap access numbers. All prices that appear are inclusive of VAT.

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